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Why Women Don’t Get Promoted on Wall Street

Full Article by John LaFevre for the Huffington Post

“The wage gap myth is an insult to anyone with access to Google. Women in their 20s earn more then men in their 20s. Of course, women also tend to be better educated. Even women in their 30s and 40s without kids earn more than their male equivalents.”
John LeFevre

@JohnLeFevre Check your numbers. The Pew Research Group agrees with you about the inaccuracy of the White House’s estimate that women earn only 77% of what men earn. Their number is 84%, but that’s not zero. And, that 84% is for all women.

Since, according to Pew, young women earn 93%, that means that as women move up in the ranks they fall further and further behind the men in earning capacity.

Additionally, according to an AAUW report the gender pay gap, which was steadily, albeit slowly, closing between 1960 and 2000, has slowed to the merest crawl, a rate at which, according to the London School of Economics, will bring closure to the gap in 150 years.

The culture of most organizations today are hyper male-normative, and as all norms of the dominant group, they are so entrenched as to be invisible, while female characteristics are see as deviations from those norm.

I do agree with you that fixing the symptoms is no solution. Systems are not easily cobbled, they need to be transformed.

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