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We have become a society incapable of taking responsibility.

We have become a society that no longer wants to or even can take responsibility for what it produces. The alt-right, for example, is another word for institutionalized racism, but much easier to swallow.

All discomfort needs to be assuaged, mollified, turned into something we can stomach or ignore.

It’s painful to call things as they really are.

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@Eric Schmidt: Being Baffled is Not an Excuse

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is puzzled, he’s repeatedly said so.

And the source of his puzzlement? He doesn’t understand why there are so few women in the tech sector, including his company, Google.

I believe he’s actually baffled, because sometimes things can be so ubiquitous as to be invisible.

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A Brief Comment on “The New Misogyny: Taking Aim at the Women of the One”

The plutocracy has always been fair game.

I’m willing to bet, always will be. The Women of the One benefit from a system that advantages them at the expense of others, and, as such, they are a legitimate object of criticism.

Not to hold them responsible for their actions (or inactions) because they are women is to take away their power and drop-kick them back to a time of “I promise to love, honor, and obey….”

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