Pasadena Magazine Featured Article: Ariane David Perspectives on Leadership

Pasadena Magazine Ariane David PhD

Perspective on Leadership: Seeking a path that embraces the contributions of both genders to create a balanced social norm.

Ariane was featured in Pasadena Magazine’s May 2016 edition. Here is a excerpt of that article.

New Leadership

“We may acquire concepts by our perceptual experience of physical objects, but we would be mistaken if we thought that the concepts we grasp were on the same level as the things we perceive.”

We can see how the earliest theories of leadership were based on traits.

These are the traits, you’re either born with them or you’re not, and if you’re not born with them you can never be a leader, and of course the traits were all masculine traits.

As we progressed to the 20th century, we started saying “Well, maybe you’re not born with them, maybe you can learn to do these things so that leadership is based on skills.”

Yes, leadership is based on traits and skills but it’s really based on relationship.

In the early ’80s we started talking about things such as authentic leadership and servant leadership.

This is a whole new and greatly feminized version of leadership where we see leadership being a system based on the relationship of all the parts within the system.

We need to work on the relationship rather than working on the individual parts.

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