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Ariane David Women Leadership Leaning Wrong

Leaning Wrong

Imagine designing a product so that only 49% of your customers could use it. Most people would say that that was a lamentable product.

Yet the system we call leadership does just that when it systematically excludes women.

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Ariane David Critical Thinking

When Loopholes Overtook Merlons

Imagine you are an archer in the service of a medieval castle in, say, the year 1100.

When arrows and random projectiles started hurtling your way you duck behind a merlon and only step out from behind it to launch your own arrows.

And therein lay the problem: in order to do that you step into the line of fire. This, sadly, proved the end of many a castle archer.

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Ariane David Critical Thinking Knowledge

It’s Time, Not a Closet

For all the talk we hear about “mastering time”, in the end time cannot be mastered.

Time just is. It’s the fourth dimension, and it’s even more enigmatic than the first three.

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HMAS Sydney

How the War of the Ghosts Helped Find the Sydney

On Thursday, November 19, 1941 the Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney encountered the German armed merchant raider HSK Kormoran west of Shark Bay, Western Australia.

A fire fight ensued, the Sydney sank with all hands following the battle.

For the next sixty years attempts were made to locate the boats.

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