Marriage Inequality

A Brief Comment On … “Marriage in the U.S.: Unequal Opportunity”

Full Article by Judith Stacey for the The New York Times

I just happened upon this excellent article from 2011 by New York University professor, Judith Stacey.

Stacey makes the excellent point that the legalization of gay marriage, while removing a grave source of inequality and discrimination does not signal a liberalization of the institution of marriage.

Rather, it serves to reinforce marriage’s conservative position in American culture, that a formal union between two partners is the only acceptable domestic relationship.

At the same time it fortifies discrimination against relationships outside of marriage and the children of those unions, a circumstance more likely to be found among the poor and non-white.

As Stacey points out, “As the United States gradually makes the membership rules to marriage gender-inclusive, it risks deepening our sharp class and race disparities in marriage and family life.”

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