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We have become a society incapable of taking responsibility.

We have become a society that no longer wants to or even can take responsibility for what it produces. The alt-right, for example, is another word for institutionalized racism, but much easier to swallow.

All discomfort needs to be assuaged, mollified, turned into something we can stomach or ignore.

It’s painful to call things as they really are.

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Ariane David PhD Women's Leadership

The Secret Weapon That Can Save The World: Part 1 – To the Cliff – or Not

Humanity is on a march to the cliff.

Humanity is on a march to the cliff, the cliff of man-made ills. As we fatalistically prepare to hurl ourselves over the edge, there is something we need know: this suicidal urge is not destiny, it’s a choice, and choices unlike destinies, can be altered.

Can we make the choice to change directions before we careen off the edge?

Yes, we can, if…

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Ariane David Does Language Shape Thinking

In Defense of the Political Correctness

Biased and discriminatory ideas repeated over and over become commonplace, and the concepts behind them, no matter how odious, are soon normalized.

Speak long enough about how loathsome or scary some people are, and pretty soon, that is all we know about them.

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Ariane David Gender Equality Why Are Men Violent
Ariane David Iceland's Women Went on Strike Oct 24 1975

Sex, War and the Power of Women United

Forty years ago the women of Iceland went on strike to protest the gender imbalance in wages and leadership.

Forty years ago the women of Iceland went on strike to protest the gender imbalance in wages and leadership, and to demonstrate the invaluable role that women played in Icelandic life.

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In2:InThinking 2016 Conference Keynotes Ariane David Amy Parish

Apes, Power and Sex: Why We Make War Not Love

In our keynote, Dr Amy Parrish and I ask the question, “why are the most pernicious problems we face, including war, poverty, and social inequality, also the most ubiquitous and resilient?”

The dependable old explanation, “it’s in our genes”, no longer cuts it.

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Ariane David Women Gender and Leadership Eric Schmidt Google

@Eric Schmidt: Being Baffled is Not an Excuse

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is puzzled, he’s repeatedly said so.

And the source of his puzzlement? He doesn’t understand why there are so few women in the tech sector, including his company, Google.

I believe he’s actually baffled, because sometimes things can be so ubiquitous as to be invisible.

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Ariane David PhD Pasadena Magazine Women and Leadership
Gender Equality in Modern Hunter-Gatherer Tribes

Are We Built for War?

It is only in the last ten thousand years that humans (read: men) have steered our collective feet in the direction of war. Yet, men are not to blame for war today. Rather, the gender imbalance in leadership and decision-making is.

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Ariane David Women Gender Equality
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