In2:InThinking 2016 Conference Keynotes Ariane David Amy Parish

Apes, Power and Sex: Why We Make War Not Love

In our keynote, Dr Amy Parrish and I ask the question, “why are the most pernicious problems we face, including war, poverty, and social inequality, also the most ubiquitous and resilient?”

The dependable old explanation, “it’s in our genes”, no longer cuts it.

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Ariane David Aerojet Rocketdyne Webinar: Thinking about Thinking
Ariane David PhD Pasadena Magazine Women and Leadership

Contact for Speaking

Ariane is available for workshops, seminars and trainings on Critical Thinking, Diversity and Inclusion, and Organizational Culture and Communication.

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Critical Thinking

In ancient Greece, there really was no codified body of knowledge. People taught what they experienced, and what they observed.

An then Aristotle came along, and he knew everything, and he wrote about literally everything.

The problem was that Aristotle meant well, but he was wrong most of time.

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