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A Brief Comment on: “How Does She Do It?! Successful Women CEOs”

Full Article by Amy Wright for the Huffington Post

“As more and more women start and run their own businesses, there’s a huge need for “balance,” which seems a nearly impossible feat at times.

The areas where the challenges lie are many, but show me a challenge and I’ll show you a strong, successful female CEO who has found a solution.”
Amy Wright

Amy Wright’s Huffington Post blog about busy women CEOs or “ladypreneurs”, contains some tidbits of advice for women who would be leaders.

Question: would we be giving this advice to men? If not, why not?

The real issue here is not that women don’t have support from their spouse (which many don’t), or that women don’t manage time well (women with careers and family are monster time managers).

The real issue, and one that is almost never addressed, is that women are constantly told how to be leaders in a male-centric system, a system that values the qualities of men and devalues the qualities of women. Maybe it is the system, and not the women, that needs to change.


Ariane David Phd
Ariane David Phd


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