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A Brief Comment on “The New Misogyny: Taking Aim at the Women of the One”

The plutocracy has always been fair game.

I’m willing to bet, always will be. The Women of the One benefit from a system that advantages them at the expense of others, and, as such, they are a legitimate object of criticism.

Not to hold them responsible for their actions (or inactions) because they are women is to take away their power and drop-kick them back to a time of “I promise to love, honor, and obey….”

Are we judging the “Men of the One”?

Yet, for me, the question is are we judging the “Men of the One” with the same morbid enthusiasm with which we judge the women? Are we picking apart how the men spend their free time, how they dress, how they work out, and how they keep their skin looking youthful? The answer as far as I can tell is, no.

And that’s the problem…not that we’re haranguing the women, but that we’re not equally haranguing the men.

Not that we’re portraying rich women as vapid useless creatures, but that we’re not holding rich men responsible for their planes and yachts and private islands, which, in too many cases, have been acquired at the cost of the quality of life and sometimes the lives of millions…that we deride rich women for being no-account takers while acclaiming the virtues of rich men as icons of capitalism.

This is a recurring scenario: blaming the women while turning a blind eye to the sins of the men.

At the end of WW2 French women who went with German soldiers during the war were cruelly punished, while French men who grew rich supplying the German occupiers with all sorts of luxuries while the population starved went on to become respected business and civic leaders…never a word being spoken of their crimes.

And therein lies the misogyny.

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