A Brief Comment on: “The Money-Empathy Gap” New York Magazine

Full Article by Lisa Miller for the New York Magazine

Ariane David Gender Equality

This study talks about “rich people”, yet the subjects mentioned (which I assume are sampling of the group) are male. Have the researchers also conducted this research with women?

Observations of our closest cousins, bonobos and chimps, indicate that males and females operate very differently as they rise in status. In the male dominated chimp society the higher up a male goes the less he shares food; in the female dominated bonobo society the higher a female rises the more she shares food. This difference in humans between females and males has been documented in numerous anthropological studies.

The research documented in this article appears to be one more example of the conflation of male and female behavior due to deeply culturally ingrained androcentrism, or the notion that males are the benchmark for all things human.


Ariane David Phd
Ariane David Phd


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